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For those of you anticipating February 2020 Bar results, my very best.  I know the C19 pandemic may have added another layer of anxiety - and regardless of the time remaining during this Bar results waiting period.  Please stay healthy.  And for your family and friends, too

Attached, is a letter I recently posted for those I am presently working with intending to take the June 2020 Baby Bar or July 2020 General Bar - or even a later - exam.  "Uncertainty" seems to be the common denominator for any of these Bar-related priorities - whether preparing for it or taking it - and this theme has also been formally adopted by the State Bar in announcing the "uncertainty" of administering  both the June Baby Bar and July General Bar.  Presumably, your Bar results will be posted on or about May 8th.  Regardless, given the fiduciary duty of the Examiners, (these) next exams, as well as your results are inevitable, and any new data will be posted soon.

I mention this in the same context I addressed it to those preparing for a future bar - that it is always productive to look forward - to be prepared for whatever outcome is presented by your upcoming May results.  Continuing to lightly study - with a goal, perhaps, of re-reviewing the 14 Bar subjects - can be a constructive way to spend at least part of your time through the duration of your remaining waiting period.  If you have a question about this - or how to more specifically utilize whatever study time you may have - please feel free to text me at 818-333-6398.

In the meantime, perhaps the greater takeaway, and born out, too, as a lesson learned in over 40 years of working with Bar review, is how utterly invaluable "time" is for each of us to achieve any of our life goals.  And one way to beat the Covid-19 pandemic - is not to let it deprive you of any more time than it may have already claimed.  Beyond its impact, to always have a sense of urgency in using the time you have been graced with - wisely.

All success,

Paul Pfau


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Statewide Test Results

First Time Takers
about 57.2% Fail 

Repeat Takers
about 77.1% Fail

All Takers
about 70.9% Fail

about 80.7% Fail

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More Success For Ali

Cal Bar is pleased to announce that Ali Hinsche continued her remarkable run of success in having just passed the Florida bar exam.

This was her 4th (count 'em: 1, 2, 3, 4) successful bar - on her 1st attempt-following California, New York and Illinois.

While Ali worked with Cal Bar for each state, she also owes her success to persistence, hard work, and in learning how to adapt and apply the Cal Bar test-taking systems to the requirements of each bar exam.

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