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This letter of thanks is long overdue. I am now in my third year as an attorney.

In August I left the law firm of Gordon & Rees in San Francisco to take a position as an in-house counsel with Sundt Construction in Tempe, Arizona. From the time I started law school in July 1999, my goal had always been to be an in-house counsel in the engineering and construction business. I am doubly fortunate to have gotten this job because I am again working for a gentleman who was my boss and mentor when I was employed at Kvaerner in San Ramon. That was where I was working when I met you and took Cal Bar Tutorial.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me make this dream come true. Cal Bar Tutorial Review was  indispensable in getting past the hurdle that is the California Bar exam. The heart of the tutorial is not necessarily the answer delivery systems, which were absolutely indispensable, or the issue clustering system, again, invaluable, or even the time management techniques (unequivocally valuable), rather, the heart and soul of the review is yourself. The personal attention you gave me made all the difference. When I was discouraged, you were encouraging. When I was overwhelmed, you helped me shoulder the burden. You were coach, mentor, confidant, and friend. 

Truly, I couldn't imagine going through the ordeal of preparing for the California Bar exam without Paul Pfau and Cal Bar Tutorial - it made all the difference in the world! Thank you so much for being at my side and getting me up my own personal Everest.

Warmest personal regards,

Clifford C. Baker, Esq.