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May 27, 1998 

Dear Paul,

I wanted to write and thank you so much for all your efforts and guidance which enabled me to finally pass the Bar. I am doubly excited because the pass rate was really low so I really feel accomplished. The best think I ever did was sign up for your Bar Review. Even though I worked full time all the way up to the Bar your study and time management techniques kept me focused and on target. The February Bar was very tough and I am certain I would have missed lots of issues had I not had your issue outlines.  I am also grateful for the inspiration you gave me and strength you helped me find within myself to conquer my own personal Everest, the Bar. I would love to speak at the first day of your course to other candidates. Tonight I open the bottle of wine you gave me last December, it will be the sweetest taste of my life.


Julie Wahlstedt