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Dear Paul:

I don't know if you remember me. Back during your review course for the February 2001 bar exam, I went by the name of Laura Desmond. That would have been my fourth attempt at passing the bar, and if you will recall, it didn't happen. I planned to take a break from the next scheduled exam and come back for the following test. However, I found myself pregnant and decided to reprioritize. Maybe about three years ago, then going by my maiden name of Bean, I came to a few of your bar review classes in the Bay area with intentions of jumping back into the game. At the same time I underwent surgery for skin cancer and was told there was a possibility that I had cancer in two other areas. It was all too much, and I did not want to risk my personal life interfering once again, so the studying came to a halt. I figured I wasn't going to come back to the bar exam again as time was slipping by too quickly to catch up.

As it turned out, I was cancer free. I married a wonderful, supportive man and life finally became "easy." With my husband's encouragement last fall I decided to try it again...and started studying for the 10 years after graduating from law school. I took a standard bar review course because I needed the substantive review. The laws had changed in 10 years, the bar exam now had three extra subjects on it and typewriters didn't exist anymore. I essentially had to start from scratch. I did everything by Ipod and stayed away from classes so I wouldn't get "sucked into" the stress and anxiety associated with studying for the bar. But with that substantive review, I used the materials I had saved from your classes. I essentially used the bar review course for the substantive review, and I used your materials for the writing technique.

I studied from mid-November through the end of February. I spent days studying in the local hospital cafeteria. (Odd I know but it was bright, had tables, had food and was quiet except for lunch and dinner times...not to mention, nobody would ever look for me there!) I am proud to say that I passed! While I was taking the exam, I took it with such ease and different than before. Paul, I believe that I was able to accomplish that goal thanks to what I learned from you; not only your class but your positive words of wisdom as well. Although its been years since I physically took your class, your methods had a profound affect on me, and I am extremely grateful for having met you. You helped me reach the top of my Mt. Everest, and I thank you for that.

I don't know many people who have taken and passed the bar exam 10 years after graduating from law school, but it's one success story I couldn't let go without tipping my hat to you.

With Kindest Regards,

Laura Bean