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June 15, 1996

As I am sure you know by now, I PASSED THE BAR!!!

I wanted to thank you for all your help, and especially for your unflinching positive attitude. It was difficult for me to really believe that I could pass on my second attempt after having been out of school for over eight years!

I was truly stunned when I was told that I had passed! I used your techniques (with minor variations), and I know they work. I meticulously analyzed almost every multistate question in the PMBR exam books. I also studied and dissected virtually every essay question tested on the bar over the last seven years. Almost every minute of my study time the lag three weeks before the bar was spent typing out answers to the most frequently tested issues. I spent virtually no time "cramming" rules into my head. Instead, I outlined responses to issues and practiced your method of presentation. Your Tutorial taught me how to prepare for the test. not just review the law.

Once again. thank you for all your help, and my best wishes to you and to your future students!!


Marlene Duchesne