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 May 26, 2005

Dear Paul,

As you know by now I passed the Feb 2005 Bar exam. I can't begin to tell you how I felt when I saw my name appear on my computer screen as a successful applicant. To put it in your terms, I finally got to the top of the mountain and it was all you said that it would be and then some.

I have to admit that I had my doubts during the early days of your class. But I stuck to your program, took your advice and you helped me through. It wasn't so much the material because I knew the black letter law. It wasn't the test itself because I knew how to take it. What it came down to was you telling us over and over again to draw that line in the sand. Your positive reinforcement was what I needed. I think it's what everyone needs but unfortunately the other review classes don't seem to see the importance in positive thinking. Rather, they try to tell you that you can do it if you just study eight hours a day. Of course since this is coming from a video tape it's kinda hard to believe. That is where you are different. Every class you start with a pep talk and end with words of encouragement. While that isn't law it's importance is immeasurable.

You called me about three days before the bar and you left me a message on my cell phone. I listened to it and then I saved the message. During those three days I had my moments when I know I would pass and then there were the times when I decided that I was going to fail. It was in those times when I replayed your message. You got me through. It wasn't the certainty that I knew the material or the fact that I had done all the preparation that I could. It was your 45 second message telling me that I could do it. I listened to the message for all 3 days of the bar and replayed it over and over in my mind during the exam. You knew I could do it even when I convinced my self that I couldn't I can never thank you enough for that.

I take great pleasure in calling you a colleague. If anyone ever has doubts about you, your class or your methods please show them this letter or direct them my way. It would be my honor to convey my every thought to them. Thank you Paul for all that you did for me and the entire class. Should we ever meet again please stop and say hi so I can tell you all of this in person. 

With Utmost Sincerity,

Marc Caress