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 Dear Paul:

It's been about 24 hours since I found out I passed the California Bar! You can imagine how absolutely happy I am to have passed the bar the very first time I took it.

I truly believe that all the hard work would not have paid off if I did not take your course. It made all the difference!

At first I was somewhat concerned about taking the path less chosen (i.e. not taking BARBRI and PMBR), but when I met you and learned more about your process for studying for the bar exam I knew that my test preparation would be in very good hands. Of course there were a few skeptics who thought that I should follow the masses, but I had to trust my instincts and common sense. Am I glad that I did!!

As a mother of three active boys who were all under the age of seven at the time of the bar exam, it was (and is) almost impossible to have a quiet moment. You've heard them in the background while we talked on the phone. Whichever course I decided to take, the amount of time I had to spend to study for the bar would be the same. Therefore, I wanted a course that would make the most efficient and effective use of that time. CBTR definitely fits that bill.

You showed me how to fine tune my study schedule, which was always a work in progress because of my hectic life, and I was always a little too ambitious. Even with my time constraints, no part of your process was excluded. In addition, you provided constructive feedback, motivated and inspired me. Believe me, there were days when I didn't think I could study anymore.

Paul, you are a good person. I know that you sincerely want all your students to accomplish their dreams. Passing the bar the first time is confirmation that I made the right decision to take your course.

My husband, boys and I thank you Paul. I will never forget you.

All my best,

Pauline Tokunaga