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June 5, 2003

Dear Paul:

I am writing to thank you for giving me the tools to pass the exam! When I joined your class I was at the lowest point in my life educationally. I had gotten my degree but had nothing to show for it. Without the bar card, I felt that the degree was in a sense, worthless. I was very much depressed having not passed the first time and with that came low self-esteem (as you could tell from class). However, after putting your lessons to plenty of practice and passing, I can't tell you how thankful I am! The grading system and comments on the practice exams were extremely helpful in highlighting my strengths and weaknesses.

I was in England at the time the results came out and did not bother to check whether I had passed or not because after having such a bad third day of the bar exam. I was sure I had failed. I only found out last week when I returned that I had passed so needless to say, I  thought of you and had to write to express my sincere thanks.

Your constant support and enthusiasm kept my spirits going when I thought it was impossible to conquer the bar exam.

Thank you,


Carol Wong

p.s. Please also thank your secret grader for me! Her positive comments in conjunction with yours really gave me the confidence to make it through the exam.