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Dear Paul:

I just wanted to say thank you for providing me witt the mental training necessary to pass the 2008 California Bar.

Now, in hindsight, I understand what you meant about those who were mentally prepared being more capable of getting up Everest then those who were physically ready.

The issue clusters, essay organization and time management training, calming repetition, and even inner laughter I experienced from listening to your droll voice on those CDs (no offense) were exactly what I needed to take control over the bar timing and not let it control me. Given my early skepticism, I know now that I did the right thing by opening myself up to embracing your learning methods.

Most importantly I respect that you kept up with our end of the personal bargain we made. I asked you to read and critique every practice essay I wrote, and true to your word, you called me everyday and personally went over every single imperfection. I'm pretty sure that is what really strengthened my writing.

Great thanks and best of luck to you. As cheesy as it sounds, I have to say, "Thank you for helping me over the top of my personal Everest"

Vanessa Valdez