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Re: February 1997 Bar Exam Results

Dear Paul

I just wanted to express to you in waiting my gratitude for your assistance and insight into passing the February 1997 Bar Examination.

I truly believe it was your emphasis an outlining of issues in a methodical manner, and simple instruction and how to write a clear and organized essay, that was the key to my success.

Your approach to essay writing was not only applicable to the substantive essay portion of the Exam, but also to the Performance Test. Having had problems with the Performance Test in the past, I can only credit your approach to my success on this heavily weighted portion of the Exam. I highly recommend your course to any bar applicant who has had difficulty with the written portion of the Exam.

Again, thank you. Onward and upward. Or. . . "to infinity and beyond."

Laurence M. Leisten, Esq.