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July 7, 2004

Dear Paul,

I passed!!! Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement!

I honestly did not know what my chances are of success were as a first time taker with limited study time. As you know, taking care of my infant daughter while studying was not a simple task, but I am certain that you course ensured my success. I needed the time management skills that you taught me to help me structure my study hours. with fourteen subjects it was discouraging to think about how to tackle them all in some organized fashion and still retain enough to make the grade on the exam. YOur tools helped me tremendously. Further, I found that I was actually fairly calm while taking the exam because of the writing tips I learned in your class. I found myself actually saying, "OK, you're running out of time, this is a minor issue so use the minor writing style."

In law school one of my weak spots was outlining my answer before I began writing. I know I would have done so much better if I had the exam taking tips that you taught me. Hey, I had them when they really mattered, right? I know my answers were so much more organized on the bar exam than they were on any law school exam I wrote. 

I have to tell you Paul, I was worried at the beginning of your course. I kept thinking that those students that were taking a course that was several hours long a day, five days a week, had an advantage over me. I felt that one class a week was all I could handle with a baby, but that it would not be enough. It was plenty. All I needed were your tools and your guidance and I did it. With only  a couple of hours in the evenings and only 8-10 hours on the weekend when my husband could watch the baby, I know I was stretching it, but because I structured my time and made my study hours really count I made it happen.

I know that many of your students may doubt themselves. They may even doubt the choice they've made regarding which program to choose to help them pass. You can send them my way for  a reference and encouragement because I know without a doubt that your class was the secret to my success. Thank you so very much!!!

Many thanks!!!!!!

Anita Icengole