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Dear Paul:

Today, I was sworn in as attorney in the State of California.

I am beyond excited and cannot thank you enough for your guidance, support and help. I was shocked when I did not pass the Bar the first time, but you were wonderful in counseling me and showing me what needed to be done to pass the Bar the second time (which I did!). I want to thank you for being so patient, available for questions and one-on-one meetings, and above all things, genuine and honest. After taking a small program my first time, I was deceived by my instructor regarding my progress, which I truly believed played a big part in my not passing the first time. As a result, I had real trust issues with other ?smaller? Bar review courses. Thanks to your honesty as a tutor and mentor, I finally realized what the Bar wants from applicants.

I also have to commend you for your approach to Bar study? Repetition and tons of practice really led me to realize what is expected in Bar culture. I would definitely recommend your program to Bar applicants, and would be happy to speak to any future prospective students.

Thanks again for all your help,


Paul! Sincerely,

Tony J. Tyre, Attorney at Law