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Dear Paul:

I want to thank you for teaching me your method for passing the bar.

Your course was highly instrumental in helping me pass the bar. I had taken the bar two times before and did not think I had the mental stamina to plow through the same study methods that I had before. You showed me that I did not have to reinvent the wheel and how to use my time wisely and effectively.

By accounting for my time in writing on a weekly basis, I was not only more organized, but I could look back and see how much I was accomplishing. I benefited from your one-on-one instruction to work on my issue spotting and organization. Another obstacle was my mental attitude. I felt run over by a truck after two previous bar exams and countless hours of preparation.

I appreciate how much time you took to talk to me to calm my fears and cheer me on. With your support in that respect, I walked into the testing room feeling confident. There is a difference between taking the bar and taking on the bar. Your course, your methods and your attitude assisted me in reaching my goals and regaining confidence in my abilities and skills. I have recommended your course to quite a few people and they all enrolled.

I look forward to talking to any of your students about my experience. Please let me know when you have your next class begins because I would like to attend.

Thank you again for helping me and so many people.

Tracy K. Smith