By Steve Liosi, Esq.

Paul Pfau, having tutored both repeat and first-time bar examinees over the past 33 years, knows that passing the California Bar Exam is a herculean task.

In fact, Pfau likens the pursuit of passing the exam to climbing Mt. Everest. Who better to make that analogy than a man who has led numerous mountain-climbing expeditions all over the world, including the famous Mt. Everest?

"It's all in the planning," says Pfau. "it takes several months of planning before you even hike your first step. It's normally a two-year process. Long-range planning is the key."

Naturally, Pfau could just as easily be speaking of the planning involved in passing the bar exam. "The California Bar Exam requires long-range planning. And, just like the people who embark on a mountain-climbing journey, only the ones who really want to do it will make it."

"In mountain climbing, we can start with 200 people who want to make the journey. But, after all is said and done, when it comes time to make the summit, there's usually only about 30 people left." (Better odds than the California Bar Exam, when you think about it).

"As a mountain climber has to be committed to reaching the summit, a California bar candidate has to be committed to passing the bar exam. Not merely committed to taking it, but committed to passing it."

For the law student, study techniques are developed that will enable you to integrate class notes, case briefs, horn book information and commercial outlines into a single issue-clustering flow chart that will effectively serve your issue-spotting needs on an essay examination. You are taught the paced and disciplined skills that have been proven to lead to superior and stress related "last-minute cramming" approaches typically associated with law school exams. Tutoring to improve essay writing skills, objective test preparation and research and term paper writing instruction is also available.

CBTR is especially oriented to the needs of the REPEAT bar examinee, focusing upon the preparation and test taking difficulties preventing success while working to develop and reinforce the positive skills essential to finally be successful. First-time bar examinees take the course to avoid the typical problems that will lead to negative results in addition to getting the personal attention necessary to expertly develop their bar-taking skills. Whatever your situation, CBTR's goal is that you must pass the next examination because you cannot afford to do otherwise.

Paul Pfau is their man. "Thank you for bringing my nightmare of consecutive failures to an end. Your contagious positive attitude coupled with your issue-clustering system finally meant the difference the sixth time around." one of his former clients wrote.

Not only does Pfau have the ability to bring out the positive attitude in previous-failure bar candidates, his course contains nothing but proven techniques to help the student tackle that mountain- like effort of the California Bar Exam.

Cal Bar Review, owned and operated by Pfau, was developed in 1979 for the purpose of providing an individualized tutorial review service that would effectively enable General and Baby bar candidates and law students to achieve their most productive test-taking performance abilities.

A total program involving comprehensive personalized attention focuses upon the Essay, Performance Test and Multi-State examination skills that CBTR has proven to contribute to successful bar-taking ability.

Pfau should know. He's done both: climbed Mr. Everest and passed the California Bar Exam. "A positive attitude is the key. Many of the repeaters I tutor are dejected; they're confidence level isn't very high, they've just flunked the bar.

So," Pfau says, "these particular students need more than substantive law, they need someone to encourage them, lead them on toward their goal."

Paul Pfau is a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney and the owner of Cal Bar Tutorial Review, which has been customizing bar review programs for 33 years. For more information about Cal Bar Tutorial Review, call (800) 348-2401 or (800) 783-6168. Web site: www.cbtronline.com