At Cal Bar Tutorial Review, we know we’re not the biggest, but we believe we’re the best! CBTR is a leader in the California bar tutorial field. Other programs pride themselves on offering just some of the benefits that all CBTR students enjoy, including:


Just as Paul Pfau has led 4 Mt. Everest Expeditions, with over 20 climbers reaching the summit, he created CBTR with the vision of leading law students from graduation to successful passage of the most difficult bar examination in the country. Part of CBTR’s mission, along with guiding and coaching students, is to put students before tuition fees and offer its curriculum at a price students can afford.

CBTR is more than competitive with other programs – often hundreds and even thousands less – staying true to its mission to offer its proven program for much less than the “mass market” one-size-fits-all companies. Also, CBTR has a “pay it forward” policy in additionally offering partial scholarships to discount its already competitive price for those students who have charitable and/or volunteer work in their background.

For nearly 40 years, CBTR is: Proven • Personalized • Affordable

 For price comparisons, please inquire through 800-783-6168 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..