It is not enough to decide to take the bar. You must decide to PASS it.

Commit to the CBTR Process to ensure that your test taking skills - including a confident, positive attitude - meet the bar preparation and performance standards necessary to pass the bar on your next attempt. We will work together to meet that challenge.

The CBTR Process:

Fundamental to a well-conceived strategy to pass the Bar is your initial preliminary work in realistically assessing your available net study time. This is your actual net study hours per week through the end of your bar preparation.

An efficiently effective plan or strategy to pass the Bar is fundamentally a function of the division of your available net study time for the essay, PT, and MBE.

(1) A balanced approach.
(2) Focused emphasis on problematical sections - essay, PT, MBE.

This is the key factor in the CBTR program. Be absolutely certain to follow each step of this process to ensure the balanced development of each of your skills for the essay, PT and MBE.

Therefore, apply:

(1) 5/4-step process for each of the 14 Bar subjects.
(2) integrate time-proven techniques as to each of the 5/4- step process to specifically improve the essay, PT, and MBE.

Progressively develop the "intangible" attitude factors that Will contribute to your chances to PASS THE BAR on your next attempt: hard work, discipline, adaptability, the decision & commitment to pass!


The 5/4 - Steps Process

I . Substantive Review/ICO's
For: Essay, MBE Where: Your outline, CBTR

2. MBE For: MBE, Essay
Where: Other CBTR

3. Issue - Spot For: Essay, PT
Where: CBTR, Other

4. Short Answer Essay
For: Essay, PT
Where: CBTR

5. Long Answer Essay For: Essay, PT
Where: CBTR, Other

Essay, PT, MBE
Where: CBTR


Paul Pfau is a retired Los Angeles County deputy district attorney and the owner of Cal Bar Tutorial Review, which has been customizing bar review programs for 40 years. For more information about Cal Bar Tutorial Review, call (800) 348-2401 or (800) 783-6168. Web site: