The subject of "cost" is, for most law students and bar applicants, a compelling factor governing the selection of a bar review course.

The industry standard in California - and many other states - is traditionally influenced by the more generic programs, with a typical course lasting about 8 to 10 weeks. Most of these tend to be priced in the $3-4,000 range - with this category of course dictating when the applicant both starts - and stops - his bar review. A sort of "one-size-fits-alll" strategy. With the overall pass rate in California at about 50% - and with many candidates choosing this approach - it isn't difficult to infer that for at least one-half of California's applicants this is not an effective strategy.

Thus, the following is Cal Bar's new cost policy for those applicants currently enrolled in law school and interested in stretching the value of your bar review investment - and from experience - increasing your odds to pass the bar the first time you take it.

From the date of your enrollment in law school and through the bar exam the total cost will not exceed $3,950. If you are past your first year in law school, this cost may be incrementally reduced. This means you will receive up to 1 to 4 years of tutoring - depending on your year in law school - while you are in law school, in addition to a full bar review program once you graduate for one alll-inclusive cost. You will have the advantage of (1) unlimited one/one tutoring, (2) multiple classes covering all bar subjects addressing all three sections of the exam, and (3) all materials, In contrast to your competition, this will enable you to engage a strategy to "perfect and polish" your testing skills at the time others are just beginning the bar review process.

Additional discounts may also be available for small groups or any charitable experience you may have contributed to others. As always, Cal Bar's policy is to "pay it forward". Installments and Mastercard/Visa are available.

KEY: Will learning and reinforcing your bar-passing skills in law school give you the better chance to pass the bar? Would you benefit from a customized law school strategy that integrates bar-passing skills to enhance your law school performance? If available study time is a problem due to family, work or perhaps ESL issues, would you benefit from a long-term bar review approach? Would you benefit from the continuity of working with a "personal trainer" and mentor with over 40 years of experience - in getting to know your test-taking strengths and weaknesses - and then working to improve your testing skills through the application of time proven methodologies?

Should you wish to explore an of these issues please call 800-783-6168. Or, you may contact us online. If possible please leave a relevant phone number to give you a call back.


The same "pay it forward" policy applies in discounting the cost of your bar review program if you have charitable experience - or - if you refer others to the program or come in as a small group. Your program also includes the same three components described above. Installments and MC/Visa are available. For a specific cost, please just call for a quote given your specific need as either a first time or repeat bar candidate. Whatever your course of action, all success in passing your next exam. Having worked with applicants for over 40 years, it's easy to empathize with your need to do so.